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Group Piano 

Group Guitar

Private music lesson

Benefits of group lessons: Students:

  • Learn from each others questions
  • thrive in a group setting
  • experience ensemble playing
  • peer motivation helps learning
  • performing in class = getting comfortable performing from day 1
  • it’s fun!

  • All our Group materials include multiple difficulty levels in every song
  • There’s a “good fit” for everyone
  •  Learn to play in an ensemble from day one
  • Develop great listening skills and learn to play in time with other musicians
  • electric or acoustic guitar
  • it’s fun!

  • In your private music lesson, you’ll learn at the best pace for you
  • lessons include a balance of playing, reading, listening (aural) theory
  • easy online booking system
  • swap between online and in person lessons as you wish
  • change to Zoom anytime, even last minute

Beginner music lesson

We LOVE teaching beginners. We get a buzz out of seeing students leave a lesson being able to play or understand something they didn’t when they arrived!

Group Guitar and Group Piano Classes

Our group guitar classes, like our group piano classes, are a fun, encouraging environment for students to learn collaboratively. Every song has multiple difficulty levels, so there’s something that everyone in the class can play, from day one.

Choosing a piano or keyboard

Need a piano or keyboard to get started? Need to know about weighted keys, touch sensitive keys, 61, 76 or 88 note keyboards, stool and stands? Don’t know how to decide between an acoustic piano or a digital piano? Before you get confused, we’ll help point you in the right direction.  Start with our 5min video explainer. For a simple starter solution, order our keyboard package: a keyboard, stool and stand, and we’ll deliver it to you in a few days (Melbourne Metro.)

Correct piano stool height

It makes us sad when students find playing awkward and uncomfortable. It’s often to do with incorrect piano stool height. We will help make sure you get a great set-up for your young student, to set them up for success.

Music books

Our group piano programs include free workbooks. For private students, our teacher will help you select the right book. They are available in person and on our online store.

Holiday programs

We regularly run piano holiday programs, which are great kids activities. Stay tuned for our next set!

Play it forward

Our “Play it Forward” Student Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for low income families or people doing it tough to start or continue their musical education. Kick in a few extra dollars when booking your own piano lessons, or sign up for a one off or ongoing contribution. Every bit helps.  

Zoom music lessons

Over driving? We hear you! Zoom piano lessons are available for both group and private lessons.  We’re set up with 2 cameras – one over the teacher’s hands at the keys, and one on their face. And we’ll record the lesson, so you can use it when you’re practicing. 

Piano Lessons Hawthorn

Our studio is in a quiet street in Hawthorn East.

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