Watch the video above for tips on choosing a keyboard or piano, for when you begin piano lessons. 

Chair height

For a student to play comfortably, they need to sit at the right height so that their elbow, wrist and hand are all in line. Shoulders should be relaxed, with the arm hanging comfortably. They shouldn’t be required to lift their wrist or hand higher than their elbow. 

While it might be tempting to put the keyboard on a kitchen table “just to start” – students who begin learning piano on a seat that’s too low, and/or to far away for their knees to be comfortably under the keyboard find it awkward and difficult to play the notes. This often this causes them feel like they can’t play, and to dislike  piano, and they may not realise why.  Cushions or folded towels on a chair to raise it to the right height might be a temporary solution, but many children find they slide around.