First time instructions.

Before your lesson (ideally a few days before), click on the Zoom link in your lesson confirmation email, or download the Zoom App here. This will save time during your lesson. 

Check your internet connection at at the same time of day your lesson is scheduled. Ideally, you want;
Ping: below 100ms
Download: above 10Mbps
Upload: above 4.5Mbps

These are ideal numbers. You will still be able to have your lesson if your connection is a bit slower. (If it’s much below this, you might need to ask others in the house to hold off using the internet during your lesson.) 

Devices. Tablet (Ipad), laptops or desktops are best. (In a pinch, you could  use a phone, but the screen is very small to see the teacher demonstrating.)

Have headphones ready, just in case the sound quality isn’t great, and you need them. They also minimise distractions like background noise. 

So that the student isn’t in shadow, position your device between the window and the student. 

Piano students: Set up your device to the side of the piano, so it faces the keys and your hands. Use a chair, or buy an Ipad stand. 

It might take some time to get this set up right so your teacher has a good view of the keyboard, so do this in advance

At the start of your lesson.

Click the link in your lesson confirmation email to start your lesson. Alternatively, open the app and use the Meeting ID, which is the numbers at the end of the link. 

Recording your lesson. Your teacher can record the lesson. At the end of the teaching day, lesson recordings will be saved into your Google Drive Folder. 

Google Drive Folder.

Your teacher will create a Google Drive folder for each student. Inside it you’ll find:

  • An electronic version of the paper Music Diary. A new tab will be added each lesson.
  • Recordings of online lessons. 

Please bookmark the link so you can find it easily.