Use code TRIAL49A to pay only $49 for your 3 week Adult Beginner Group Piano trial.

Did you always want to learn piano? Or did you have piano lessons as a child and wish you hadn’t stopped? Every song has multiple difficulty levels. You’ll never feel like you’re not keeping up, or that you’re bored. Bring a friend for more fun!

Tue 2.45-3.30pm
Use code TRIAL49A

  • Weekly classes
  • 2/321 Camberwell Rd Camberwell.

Tue 6-6.45pm
Use code TRIAL49A

  • Next to Police Station.
  • Free parking behind Petbarn

    What are Adult Beginner Group classes like?

    Adult group class

    Group lessons are a sociable, fun way to learn in a supportive environment.  

    Classes include learning your way around the keyboard (“keyboard geography” if you want to get technical), hand shape, finger numbers, rhythms, notes, clefs, staves, teacher demonstrations of the songs, melody, harmony, intervals (the distance between notes) worksheets and games. You’ll get to try your hand and improvising and at composition. This isn’t the dry learning style you might remember if you learnt as a child.  Group classes are fun and encouraging!

    You’ll get a chance to do independent practice. The teacher will come around and check in on each student’s progress and make sure you are doing the appropriate difficulty level.  This is done on headphones at in person classes, and in breakout rooms on Zoom. 


    Q. I’m not sure I can make all the classes.

    A. You’ll have access to video demonstrations of the songs, so you can catch up. (Zoom classes are recorded so you’ll be able to watch them in your own time if you can’t make them all in person.) 

    Q. I have a keyboard, but not a piano. Can I still join? 

    A. Yes! As long as it’s of reasonable quality (ie not a toy.) There’s more info in what to look for in a keyboard in our short explainer video here.

    Q. I don’t have a piano or keyboard.  Can you help? 

    A. Yes! We have a couple of digital piano options to help you avoid the “analysis paralysis” of choosing from the vast number of options available. Contact us for more details, or ORDER HERE to rent or buy.

    If you’re after an acoustic piano, hooray! We can suggest stores who have both second hand and new instruments and who will look after you. Contact us for details.

    Q. It’s a long time since my piano has been tuned. Will it be out of tune? What can I do about it?

    A.  Yes, it’s probably out of tune by now. Depending on the instrument, and factors such as humidity and temperature of the room it’s in, pianos should be tuned approximately every year.

    It might sound reasonably in tune with itself, but perhaps be tuned lower than the standard tuning. This might bother you in a Zoom class, when you see the teacher demonstrate but your piano sounds different when you play the same notes. But is that a reason not to start lessons? Absolutely not! The more you love playing, the more likely you’ll be motivated to get your piano tuned when you can. Then you’ll love playing it even more. Wins all ’round!  

    Contact us for tuner recommendations.

    Q. I’m nervous!

    A. That’s not so much a question, but you can be confident we’ll help you feel at home playing piano! Our classes are a “safe space”. You’ll NEVER be made to feel uncomfortable about playing a wrong note or making a mistake. Our teachers take pride in using those moments to help understand what we need to explain better, or how to provide more support.