Stay tuned for our next holiday program!

We generally run 5 daily 30min group classes over the holidays.

A great way to get started on Piano!

Why on Zoom?

  • 2nd camera shows teacher’s hands on keys. (Easier to see than socially distanced)
  • Lessons are recorded
  • No travel, parking or waiting
  • Some students more comfortable at home.
  • Breakout rooms for small group and one-on-one

Why group lessons?

  • Students inspire each other, and learn from each others questions
  • Students experience ensemble playing
  • Peer motivation helps learning
  • Students thrive in a group setting
  • Performing in class = comfortable performing from day 1
  • Growth Mindset demonstrated
  • It’s fun!

Holiday program reviews

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Holiday Program

Don’t have a piano?

Click here for our simple go to: We can deliver it in a few days (Melbourne Metro)

Holiday program Keyboard, stand and stool