• Hawthorn East
  • 5 daily 30min classes
  • 10.30am
  • Mon 28 June – Fri 2 July

(if required by DHHS, will go online.)

Group piano

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Why group piano lessons?

  • Students inspire each other, and learn from each others questions
  • Students experience ensemble playing
  • Peer motivation helps learning
  • Students thrive in a group setting
  • Performing in class = comfortable performing from day 1
  • Growth Mindset demonstrated
  • It’s fun!

Our studio includes brand new keyboards, and the teachers hands at the keys shown on the big screen, so students can see exactly what to do. Bring your headphones for practice during class. The teacher will check in and listen to each student to make sure they are progressing well.

We regularly run Holiday Programs in the school holidays. A great way to get started on Piano! They usually take the format of 5daily 30min sessions.

Holiday Program Reviews

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Holiday Program

Don’t have a piano?

Click here for our simple go to: We can deliver it in a few days (Melbourne Metro)

Holiday program Keyboard, stand and stool

What’s great about holiday programs?

They’re a great way of getting students up and running with beginning or progressing their piano skills. Daily classes mean students can easily remember and build on what they learnt the previous lesson.