Photographs and Videos. We may occasionally take photographs/videos of lessons and may use these in marketing materials, social media, or for training purposes. Please contact us in writing if you would prefer you/your child not to be in photographs/videos used for these purposes.

Videos are recorded of online lessons, and these are made available to participants, who may use them for practice purposes. By booking into an online class you agree a) that the student will be videoed as part of the class and b) you will not to distribute the video in any way unless you have permission in writing. 

Lesson Expectations. If a child is finding it difficult to settle into the lesson routine and becomes disruptive, we will take steps to ensure that this does not affect lessons, in the first instance talking to parents, but ultimately asking the child to leave without a refund.

For online classes, younger students will find it helpful if a parent or other adult is nearby during lessons, to help set up the laptop or Ipad, with finding the page in the workbook, for example. This can be enjoyable for the parent, as they often learn too.  As students progress and become more experienced, this may no longer be necessary. 

Absence. If you cannot attend a class for any reason, it will not be refunded. You may have access to the video for the lesson missed and/or other materials, so that your child can catch up at home.

Withdrawal. 5 weeks notice is required, so that the place can be offered to another student. Refunds will not be offered. However at the discretion of the teacher, you may suggest another student to take the remaining classes.  

Teacher unavailability. If a teacher cannot make a lesson we shall do our best to hire a substitute. In the unlikely event that this is not possible, we will notify you by email and/or text (providing you have supplied current email and mobile phone details) and either:

  • Reschedule the lesson or
  • Cancel the lesson. Refunds will be given either as a discount on future classes/lessons or directly to the credit card used to pay for the class.

Communication with parents is important to us. These are the ways we communicate with you in order to maximise your child’s experience with us:

  • Class Google Folder: This will contain
    • Video recordings of the classes (usually within 24hrs of the class)
    • Where relevant, electronic copy of the workbook, in case your paper copy doesn’t arrive in time, or gets lost
    • Other notes from time to time
  • You will also receive automated emails and occasionally text messages.
  • Feedback: At the end of each series, we will send feedback on how your child is getting on with relation to the set of objectives for their level.
  • Please do contact us with any issues/concerns you may have.

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